Are Sleep Bags Safe for Babies Who Can Walk?

Are Sleep Bags Safe for Babies Who Can Walk?

When it comes to creating a safe sleep environment for your little one, sleep bags have become a popular choice among parents. But what about babies who have already mastered the art of walking? 

When Should Your Baby Begin Walking?

Babies reach milestones at their own pace, and walking is no exception. Typically, most babies begin taking their first steps between 11 and 13 months of age. However, it's important to remember that every child is different, and the age at which they start walking can vary widely.

Genetics, muscle strength, and the development of the nervous system can all play an integral part in when babies start walking. If your little one is showing signs like pulling themselves up onto furniture or taking steps while holding your hands, get ready for them to be on the move soon!

Can My Walking Baby Wear a Sleep Bag?

Once your little one starts taking those wobbly steps and exploring the world on their own two feet, you might be wondering if sleep bags are still a safe option. Good news! Sleep bags can still be your go-to, even if your baby is on-the-go.

Designed as a safer alternative to blankets and loose bedding, sleep bags provide a secure sleep space for babies of all stages. So, whether your little one is crawling, cruising, or confidently walking, a well-fitting sleep bag can be their ultimate bedtime buddy.

It is safe for a walking baby to wear a sleep bag – as long as it fits properly and you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for safe usage. Wearable blankets are intended to be worn during nighttime or naptime in baby’s crib.

Sleep bag walkers, however, are designed to accommodate a range of movements, allowing your little explorer to navigate their surroundings comfortably. If your baby is wearing their sleep bag outside of their crib, walkers are just another option to give them more mobility and keep them from getting tripped up!

When Should I Switch to a Sleep Bag Walker?

As your baby starts standing and walking independently, you can consider transitioning to a sleep bag walker. These sleep bags are specially designed to accommodate their newfound freedom of movement while still ensuring a safe and snug sleeping environment.

But when should you make the switch? Here are some signs it might be time:

  • Your baby wears their sleep bag around the house: If your little one is a sleep bag enthusiast and loves to strut their stuff even during daytime play, a sleep bag walker is the perfect next step. It offers them the freedom to move around with ease, whether they're crawling, cruising, or attempting their first wobbly steps.
  • Your baby prefers their feet out: Some babies are just born footloose! If your little bundle of joy enjoys having their tootsies out in the open while they sleep, a sleep bag walker is the answer. With its sleeveless design and foot holes, the gunamuna walker allows their tiny feet to roam free while still keeping their upper body snuggled and cozy (and you always have the option to tuck their feet back in).
  • You're switching to a toddler bed: While the transition to a toddler bed can be an exciting milestone, the last thing you want is your little adventurer tripping over a sleep bag while attempting their great escape from bed. A sleep bag walker ensures their feet stay free and they can get in & out of bed safely – the best way to make sure bedtime doesn't turn into a clumsy obstacle course.

Think your little one is ready to make the move? Shop our sleep bag walker and let them run, wiggle, and dream to their heart's content!