What is the Difference Between the Original Swaddle and the New Transitional Swaddle?

Swaddle vs Transitional Swaddle

Our new Transitional Swaddle was created for babies who are around 3-6 months old and that still enjoy a semi snug fit around the middle, similar to our original swaddle. This provides baby with a happy medium between the snug fit of our original swaddle and the more loose fit of a future günamüna sleep bag. The transitional swaddle was designed for babies that are ready to sleep with their arms out, which also helps prepare them for a günamüna sleep bag.


Transitional Swaddle

Suggested Age

0-3 months

3-6 months

Bag Length




Zippered Armholes

3/4 Sleeve


Arms in Or Out

Arms Out Only

Belly Band

Yes, Adjustable Fit

No Belly Band


Snug Fit

Semi Snug Fit

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