about us

We’re a small, mom-founded company driven by the ethos that easy and comfortable matter.

We believe that changing a diaper should be the easiest part of your day - no undressing, no fuss, while keeping baby warm & cozy.

We also believe everyone sleeps better when they’re more comfortable, including your baby.

Everything we make at gunamuna is inspired by our lives as moms - we have changed many diapers in the dark, in tiny airplane bathrooms, in the grocery store, and in the backseat of (non-moving) cars, and we know that easy matters. For parent and for baby.

And sleep matters. Getting a good nights’ sleep shouldn’t be a challenge for us or our babies. Our group of moms here at gunamuna have spent 43,000+ nights putting babies to sleep. We've been there - and we get it. So, we’re passionate about sleepwear that promotes sleep.

Wishing you cozy, restful nights.

our name

say it with me: "goo-na-moo-na"

cute, right? gunamuna means "an innocent one" in Sanskrit and was inspired by the nicknames we had for our twins - "guna" and "muna". as moms, everything we do for our little ones is about protecting that innocence... keeping them happy, healthy, safe, and cozy. we live by these values everyday at gunamuna - and we love sharing that with you through our sleepwear.

what our dreams are made of


we couldn’t find comfortable and easy sleepwear, so we created it. we found fabric we would want to sleep in ourselves, built a genius diaper-zipper, and gave our sacks the most generous fit. we only use the most luxurious, softest, highest quality fabrics and YKK zippers, cause that's the stuff that matters. It means your baby can kick freely, fold their legs in a natural frog position and cuddle up for a longer sleep with plenty of room in the armholes. And we’ve ideally weighted each sack, with feedback from our own babies. more comfortable babies = more sleep, for everyone.


comes first. always. it's why our products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, designed according to the AAP's guidelines for Safe Sleep, and over-the-top tested in an independent JPMA certified lab to exceed safety standards. we test every part of our products including fabric, threads, zippers, and linings to assure it's all free of any harmful chemicals and passes all safety tests.


as moms ourselves, we know it's all in the details. we go beyond the national requirements with added criteria for your baby's health. our products are certified Hip Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. we use rounded zip pulls, with pockets to tuck them in at night, and line our zippers. we only make a product if it's actually easier to use, safer, and more comfortable than what's out there. period.

we'll handle the night shift

we’ve got you. your baby needs sleep and so do you.

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