How Do You Know if a Swaddle is Too Tight?

How Do You Know if a Swaddle is Too Tight?

Wrapping your baby in a swaddle should be like a gentle bear hug – snug, but not too tight. But how do you know if you've crossed into the too-tight territory? Let's snug-check!

The Snug-O-Meter: Tight or Just Right?

Breathing Easy: If the swaddle is hugging your baby tight enough to restrict breathing movement, it's a no-go. Their little chest should rise and fall without a hitch.

Leg Room to Groove: Think of your baby's legs like little dancers; they need room to boogie. The swaddle should never put a pause on those hip wiggles and leg jiggles.

Fussy Meter: If your bundle of joy is turned into a fussy burrito, the swaddle might be too tight. Comfort is key!

gunamuna’s Swaddle: The Snuggle is Real

gunamuna’s swaddle is all about that cozy, just-right fit. It's like a custom-made cuddle, even offering arms-out freedom for those babies who love a bit of arm wiggle. Snug around the torso, free at the arms when needed – it's the best of both worlds! Plus, our swaddles offer ample room in the legs so your little one can stay in that comfy frog position.

Our optional belly band is like a magic wand for comfort. Too snug? Loosen it up. Need a little more hug? Tighten it gently. This way, you're crafting a swaddle that’s as unique as your little one’s needs.

The Safety Snug-Check

Here’s how to ensure you’re in the snug-safe zone:

The Hand Test: Slide your hand between the swaddle and your baby's chest. If your hand fits comfortably, you’ve nailed it!

Hip Check: Make sure those cute little hips and legs can move freely. No straightjackets here!

Choosing gunamuna’s swaddle means choosing a cuddle that's safe, comfy, and just the right amount of snug. It's like wrapping your baby in a cloud of love. Explore gunamuna’s snug-safe swaddles here. Here's to swaddles that are just right – because your baby deserves nothing less than perfect!