How Many Sleep Bags Do I Need?

How Many Sleep Bags Do I Need?

Knowing how many sleep bags to add to your registry can be tricky— here’s what you need to know. 

How Many Sleep Bags Do I Need For My Baby?

So, how many sleep bags does your little actually need? We recommend having between 3-6 sleep bags to accommodate baby’s growth, account for temperature changes, and avoid constant laundry marathons.

Why You Might Want Multiple Sleep Bags for Your Little One

Sleep Bags for Different Ages

Newborns appreciate the cozy feel of a swaddle, which mimics the sensation of being nestled in the womb. Our swaddle sleep bag was designed to gently cocoon your newborn so they quickly fall and stay asleep, and the optional belly band helps control the startle reflex.

A standard sleep bag keeps your nugget warm without risking their safety. We offer sleep bags from size 3 months to 36 months so they can grow with them.

Once your toddler is on the go, a walker sleep bag allows for greater mobility. Littles wearing sleep bag walkers can freely move their legs and feet – perfect for when they start exploring!

Different Tog Options

Having multiple TOGs lets you switch between weights to keep baby comfy according to the temperature of their sleep environment. Keep the right TOG on hand for seasonal changes, daily temperature fluctuations between naptime and bedtime, and difference in sleeping environments when you travel.

Different Sleep Bag Styles

Sleep bag sleeve length may need to change based on the sleep environment (and having a bunch of cute colors and prints to choose from is always an added bonus)! 

Always Have a Backup

When the sleep bag has become an integral part of your nighttime routine, the last thing you want is to realize every single sleep bag is in the dirty laundry or forgotten at the sitter’s. Having a spare or two helps ensure you’re always covered, even during middle-of-the-night accidents and trips to grandma’s or daycare.  

Shop gunamuna sleep bags + baby bundles and always have what you need.

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