How Do I Know If My Baby Is Cold at Night?

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Cold at Night?

Detecting if your little one is channeling a tiny snowman at night might not come with frosty clues, but worry not! Babies have their own ways of signaling, and here are some signs and tips to ensure your baby stays cozy

Feel the Nape of the Neck

One reliable way to gauge your baby’s temperature is by feeling the nape of their neck. If it feels cool, your baby might need an extra layer. It’s like a natural thermostat for your little one.

Check Extremities

Baby’s hands and feet naturally feel cooler than the rest of their body, but if they feel too cold, it might be a sign to tack on another layer. Convertible pjs with foldover footies and mittens can make a delightful difference!

Look for Signs

Is your baby waking up more than usual or having trouble settling? These could be subtle signs of being cold. A well-adjusted sleep environment is like a lullaby – it works wonders!

Dressing Right

Layering is key! Opt for breathable, warm fabrics and adjust the TOG according to the room temperature. Our bamboo viscose sleep bags can help you provide your little with a cozy cocoon, regulating baby’s temperature and making for much, much sweeter dreams. See our TOG guide to make sure your baby has the sleep bag with the right TOG rating for their nursery temperature.

Room Temperature Matters

Maintain a comfortable room temperature, typically between 68-72°F (20-22°C). A room thermometer can be your nighttime ally in ensuring the perfect ambiance for baby slumbers.

Trust Your Instincts

Lastly, trust your parental instincts. You know your baby best, and if something feels off, it probably is. Adjusting layers or room temperature can turn those nighttime chills into cozy thrills!

In a nutshell, knowing if your baby is cold at night involves a mix of careful observation, the right attire, and a dash of parental intuition. You got this.