How Do You Keep a Baby Warm at Night in Winter?

How Do You Keep a Baby Warm at Night in Winter?

Winter nights bring visions of cozy blankets and warm cups of cocoa, but when it comes to keeping your little one warm, the rules are a bit different. But ensuring your baby is warm and safe on those chilly nights doesn't have to be a puzzle! Let's unwrap some snug strategies to keep your baby warm, without overheating, during the winter season.

Snug and Safe: Winter Warmth for Babies

Layering is Key: Start with a breathable base layer, like a soft onesie or breathable bamboo PJ. Depending on the temp in your little’s nursery, you’ll choose the right TOG sleep bag to layer on top that will help keep baby cozy.

TOG to the Rescue: Choose a sleep sack or swaddle with the right TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating for the temperature of your baby’s nursery in the winter. A higher TOG provides more warmth + insulation – check out our TOG guide for the rundown. gunamuna offers a variety of sleep bags with different TOG ratings, perfect for keeping your baby snug as the temperatures dip.

No Loose Blankets Needed: To reduce the risk of SIDS and ensure your baby’s safety, avoid loose blankets in the crib. A properly chosen sleep sack or swaddle is a safer way to keep your baby warm.

gunamuna’s Cozy Sleepwear Solutions

gunamuna’s sleepwear, made from bamboo, is a great choice for winter. Bamboo is not only soft and gentle on your baby’s skin but also excellent at temperature regulation, ensuring your baby stays warm without overheating.

And thanks to gunamuna’s clever easy-change zipper designs, you can change your baby's diaper without completely undressing them, keeping them warmer (and sleepier) throughout the change.

In essence, keeping your baby warm and safe during winter nights is all about the right layers and the right sleepwear. gunamuna’s range of sleepwear, with soft bamboo fabric and appropriate TOG ratings, can be your go-to for ensuring your little one is snug and secure, letting both of you enjoy a peaceful winter’s sleep.