Should You Give Your Baby a Lovey?

Should You Give Your Baby a Lovey?

Should you hand over a lovey to your tiny human? Absolutely, you can consider it! Giving your baby a lovey can be a stellar move in the parenting playbook. It’s like having a little piece of comfort and security that is all theirs, and it can work wonders in giving them a sense of stability and soothing in their ever-so-busy little worlds.

Comfort in the Cozy Corners 

Loveys are little security blankets for your little one — offering solace during nighttime, nap times, and frankly, any time. They can create a comforting and familiar environment, especially when paired with the most comfortable baby sleep bags.

Safety First and Foremost 

However, as with everything baby-related, safety comes first. Make sure the lovey you choose is safe for your baby's age and always supervise its use to prevent any hazards. It’s all about ensuring a safe yet snuggly environment for your little one.

The Right Time for a Lovey

Typically, the AAP recommends introducing a lovey from around 12 months if you plan on letting your baby sleep with one. However, you can introduce a lovey earlier as long as it doesn’t make its way into the crib until after your little one turns one!

So, handing over a lovey to your bundle of joy? It’s a resounding yes from the parenting corner. It can be a comforting constant in their ever-changing worlds, offering a hug-like embrace in every snuggle.