What Age Are Baby Blankets For?

What Age Are Baby Blankets For?

When it comes to introducing baby blankets for bedtime, timing is key. Typically, baby blankets are suitable for infants aged 12 months and older. This is the sweet spot where they've developed enough to safely use a blanket without the risks associated with younger babies.

Safety Above All

Before 12 months, to keep your bundle of joy safe, it's best to stick to wearable blankets or sleep bags, like those offered by gunamuna. Our wearable blankets are designed to keep babies cozy without the risks that loose blankets pose to infants under 12 months. The OEKO-TEXⓇ certification ensures your baby is wrapped in materials free from harmful substances, and our down alternative filled bamboo rayon fabric is the next best thing to a luxury comforter!

Blanket Fun Before One

Before your little one hits that magical first birthday milestone, a baby blanket is still a surprisingly versatile sidekick. 

Car Essentials:  Since coats and bulky outerwear aren't car seat-friendly due to safety reasons, blankets are an essential for those chilly drives. It's more than just a cozy companion – it's a crucial layer of warmth for your little one, ensuring they stay snug and safe while you're on the move.

Tummy Time: Spread that blanket on the floor, and voila, you have a soft, safe haven for tummy time fun! It's like their own little island for exploring, playing, and building those baby muscles.

Sofa Snuggles: A baby blanket on the sofa is an open invitation for snuggles. gunamuna’s uber-soft bamboo rayon blanket is perfect for those heart-melting cuddles – a little heads up though, there might be a fight over who gets to cozy up with it!

Stroller Shield: Draping a blanket over the stroller serves as a stylish shield against sun, wind, and chill, making it perfect for those afternoon strolls. The right blanket turns your stroller into a cozy, protective fortress on wheels, ensuring your baby stays warm, safe, and snug as you both enjoy the outdoors.

Photo Shoots: Use the blanket as a charming backdrop for those impromptu photo sessions. Capture those adorable moments with your baby posing on or with their favorite bamboo rayon blanket with the cutest prints from gunamuna!

The Toddler Blanket Upgrade

Once your little one hits that one-year mark, introducing a baby blanket can be the perfect upgrade to their sleeping experience. gunamuna offers toddler blankets that are just the right mix of cozy, safe, and stylish (and the same uber-comfy feel as our bamboo rayon sleep bags). 

In summary, baby blankets are ideal for children aged 12 months and above, offering a new layer of comfort and warmth as they grow. Before this, safer alternatives like sleep bags are the way to go. And when it’s time, wrap them in the softness of a gunamuna blanket, where safety meets comfort, and sweet dreams are just a cuddle away.