When Can Babies Start Using Sleep Bags?

When Can Babies Start Using Sleep Bags?

If you're navigating the sea of baby sleepwear options, you might be wondering about the right time to start using a sleep sack. The good news? Babies can begin their sleep sack journey earlier than you might think!

Swaddle Sleep Bag from the Start

  • Newborn Nestling: From the first welcome-home cuddle, newborns can snuggle up in a swaddle sleep bag, designed for the 0-3 months stage.
  • Swaddle to Sleep Sack Transition: Once your baby starts needing a bit more wiggle room and can comfortably fit into 3-6M sizes, it’s time to graduate to a regular sleep sack. 

gunamuna's Gentle Graduation

  • Safe and Snug: gunamuna’s swaddle sleep bags are perfect for newborns, creating a secure cocoon that mirrors the mother’s embrace.
  • Time to Transition: Some babies may be outgrowing a swaddle sleep bag, but not quite ready for the real thing. Psssst – our transitional swaddle bag can help you make the switch.
  • Ready for a Regular Sleep Sack: When your little one is ready to stretch out, gunamuna offers sleep bags that cater to this new chapter of restful nights.

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With gunamuna, the transition from swaddle sleep bag to sleep sack is as gentle as a lullaby, ensuring your baby's comfort is never disrupted. So, whether you're tucking in a fresh-faced newborn or dressing a growing infant, sleep sacks can be part of the nightly routine, keeping baby safe, covered, and content from the very beginning.