When Do Babies Start Sleeping Through the Night?

When Do Babies Start Sleeping Through the Night?

If you’re a parent, you’ve pondered this: When will my baby start sleeping through the night?! While there's no universal calendar date for this milestone (if only!), most babies start sleeping through the night somewhere between 4 to 6 months. But, hey, every baby is their own boss when it comes to sleeping patterns!

gunamuna’s Role in the Sleep Saga

  • A Cuddle in Fabric Form: gunamuna’s sleep bags and swaddles are like a gentle, continuous hug for your little one. This comforting embrace can help settle your baby into a deeper, more peaceful sleep.
  • Soothing and Secure: There’s something about being snug and secure that makes your baby’s sleep magical. gunamuna’s cloud-like construction feels just like your favorite down comforter, ensuring that baby feels cocooned and cozy and keeping them snoozing as long as possible. 
  • Easy Nighttime Changes: And our genius, easy-access zipper design means your little one stays comfy & covered during changes, so even a midnight diaper swap can’t interrupt their Zzz’s.

Embracing the Journey to All-Night Sleep

Remember, getting to that full night of sleep is a journey, with each baby taking their own unique path. gunamuna’s sleepwear is there to make the journey as smooth and snuggly as possible. Coupling gunamuna’s cozy sleepwear with a consistent bedtime routine can work wonders. It's about setting the stage for a good night's sleep, night after night.

So, while we can't pinpoint the exact moment your little night owl will start sleeping straight through to sunrise, we can say that gunamuna’s sleepwear might just be the secret ingredient in your baby's sleep recipe. Our sleep bags and swaddles are designed to comfort, soothe, and maybe, just maybe, help everyone in the house get a bit more of that precious shut-eye. Here’s to hoping those full nights of sleep aren’t just a dream!