When Should You Stop Swaddling?

When Should You Stop Swaddling?

Swaddling: the baby-soothing, sleep-inducing magic trick up every new parent's sleeve. But like all good things, the swaddling stage eventually comes to an end. So, when should you swap out that swaddle for something a bit roomier?

How Long Do You Swaddle Baby?

Swaddling is like the training wheels of infancy. It mimics the comfort of the womb and helps manage the startle reflex, making it easier for your baby to drift off. Usually, parents swaddle their newborns right from birth until baby starts making it known that they are done with swaddling. Typically, this transitional phase happens between 3 to 5 months, but each baby is unique!

5 Signs Baby Doesn't Want to Be Swaddled Anymore

If you're on the fence about when to retire the swaddle, here are some telltale signs that your baby might be ready for the swaddle graduation ceremony.

Fussiness During Swaddling

If your usually mellow baby starts protesting when you try to wrap them up, they're essentially telling you, "I need my space!"

Squirming in the Swaddle

Some light squirming is standard, but if your baby starts doing the worm while wrapped up, it could signal a longing for more freedom.

Swaddle Escapes

When your mini Houdini starts breaking free consistently or popping an arm out, it's pretty clear they want more room to roam.

No More Startle Reflex

Ah, the startle reflex—a baby's own built-in jump scare. Once this fades, the primary swaddling benefit starts to wane.

Restless Sleep

If bedtime turns into a restless rodeo or your baby struggles to nod off, the swaddle may be more hindrance than help.

Help Your Little One Take the Next Step

When your little one resists swaddling, it could be time for an arms-out strategy. Our innovative swaddle wrap design offers the freedom to keep their arms out. If your baby craves more movement or finds comfort in self-soothing with their tiny fingers, our swaddle gives them the extra freedom they need while still offering that snug comfort.

If your baby is still showing these signs when swaddled with arms out, it's time to transition to a more grown-up sleep solution. If your little is fighting the swaddle but still showing some signs of the startle reflex, your best bet is a transitional sleep bag. Or, if they’re ready for a big step, consider transitioning them to a sleep bag that allows more freedom while maintaining that snuggly comfort they love. 

So, the swaddle phase may be fleeting, but the next chapter is just as cuddly and even more exciting. After all, growth is what parenting is all about!