Are Zippers or Snaps Better for Newborns?

Are Zippers or Snaps Better for Newborns?

Honestly? We HATE snaps. Imagine having to match up what feels like 1,000 snaps in the middle of the night while half asleep, when all you want is for everyone to go back to bed ASAP. No, thank you. We want fast and easy zippers, please.

When it comes to dressing your mini-me, the answer is clear—zippers are the unsung hero, offering a quick and easy route to successful diaper changes, all while maintaining a secure and comfy fit for your little bundle of joy.

The Zipper: A New Parent's Best Friend

Zippers are the fast track to a happier, smoother change time—especially during those middle-of-the-night changes when you’re half-asleep and the room is barely lit. The swift up and down of a zipper can be a real game-changer, helping you save those precious minutes so you can return to your bed sooner. And let's face it, the zipper's one-handed operation is a blessing when you have a wiggly worm on your hands.

All of gunamuna’s sleepwear and daywear is equipped with easy zip features, designed to make day or night diaper expeditions less of a hassle. Our zippers are specially designed to stay attached at one end, so no aligning necessary. Just easy peasy. You're welcome.

Snaps: Cute but Sometimes Cumbersome

Snaps do have their charm and can offer a secure fit, but they often turn into a complex puzzle, especially when you're navigating them in a sleepy haze. Moreover, aligning those tiny snaps can feel like a high-stakes game of coordination, a challenge you might not always be up for during the nightly parental Olympics. Not to mention that snaps aren’t as warm as zippered sleepwear, allowing cold air to permeate through the sections between the snaps.

Safety and Comfort, Always

Regardless of your fastener preference, safety comes first. It is essential to choose products that are easy to use while being secure enough to keep your baby snug and safe. Gunamuna prioritizes safety in all its products, offering you peace of mind as you dress your little one in the most comfortable and safe attire (with easy access zips).

So, while snaps have their own nostalgic charm, when it comes to ease of use, especially during untimely diaper changes, zippers tend to take home the gold, facilitating quicker changes and a faster return to blissful sleep for both you and your little one.