What to Put on Your Baby Registry: 70+ Must-Have Items

What to Put on Your Baby Registry: 70+ Must-Have Items

As an expecting parent, prepping for your bundle of joy might seem like you're preparing for a moon landing. You’re surrounded by endless gear and gadgets. Where do you even start? Right here, with us! 

Our mission? To help you navigate through the overwhelming sea of baby products and pinpoint the essentials that genuinely matter. No fluff, no fuss – just the real deal on what you’ll actually use. 

Sleep Essentials

Let's talk about sleep – the holy grail for new parents and new babies. Creating a cozy, safe snooze zone is priority number one. And because we know your little one’s comfort is your comfort, we’ve got the lowdown on making bedtime the best time:

  • Crib or bassinet: Choose one that meets all safety standards.
  • Firm mattress and waterproof covers: For durability and hygiene.
  • High-quality sleep bags: Including swaddle bags and sleep sacks for secure, safe sleeping.
  • Cozy PJs: Soft, breathable, and the easiest changes with gunamuna’s exclusive easy-access zip.
  • Soft, night-time lighting: A gentle glow for those late-night checks.
  • Room thermometer: To keep the nursery at an ideal temperature.
  • Blackout curtains: For longer, uninterrupted sleep.
  • White noise machine: For soothing sounds at home or on the go.
  • Baby monitor: To keep an ear (or eye) on your little one from any room.
  • Mobile or crib toy: Gentle movements and sounds to soothe baby to sleep.

Feeding Necessities

Whether you're breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or a mix of both, you'll want to stock up on items that offer ease and flexibility for those hungry-baby moments.

  • Breast pump: Even if breastfeeding, a pump is invaluable for those times you’re away.
  • Storage bags/containers: For those precious ounces of breast milk.
  • Comfortable nursing bras and pads: To keep you dry and supported.
  • Bottles: A variety of sizes and nipple styles.
  • Sterilizers: For keeping everything germ-free.
  • Adjustable high chair: That grows with your child.
  • Soft, washable bib: For less mess during meal times.
  • Bottle brush: For thorough cleaning.
  • Nursing pillow: For comfortable breastfeeding positions.
  • Bottle warmer: For quick, evenly warmed feedings.
  • Food processor: For when baby starts solids.
  • Nursing cover: For comfortable public feedings.

Diapering Gear

Welcome to diaper town – population: you and countless diapers. Setting up a functional changing station will make those diaper duties (somewhat) a breeze.

  • Diapers: Either cloth or disposable, in various sizes.
  • Sensitive skin wipes and diaper rash cream: To protect your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Changing table or pad: Choose one with safety straps.
  • gunamuna daywear: For quick and easy diaper changes.
  • Diaper pail: To keep odors at bay.
  • Diaper bag: Packed and ready for outings.
  • Portable changing mat: For diaper changes on-the-go.
  • Hand sanitizer: For clean hands anywhere.
  • Waterproof changing pad covers: Easy to swap and clean.
  • Diaper caddy: Keep essentials organized and within reach.

Health and Safety

Keeping your baby safe is a full-time job – one we take seriously. Start with the basics and build from there.

  • First aid kit: Stocked with baby-appropriate items.
  • Safety gates and cabinet locks: To secure your home as baby becomes mobile.
  • Thermometer: For quick temperature checks.
  • Nail clippers: Specifically designed for tiny fingers.
  • Soft-bristled baby brush: For delicate scalps.
  • Sunscreen: Baby-specific for delicate skin.
  • Baby-safe laundry detergent: For clean clothes without irritants.
  • Nasal aspirator: For stuffy noses.
  • Outlet covers: For when baby starts exploring.


Getting from point A to point B with a baby requires some logistics planning. But with the right gear, you’ll be ready to roll (literally).

  • Car seat: Look for ease of installation and adjustability.
  • Stroller: Tailored to your lifestyle.
  • Baby carrier or sling: For hands-free snuggles.
  • Soft, versatile blanket: Perfect for comfort on the go.
  • Car window shades: To protect from the sun.
  • Diaper bag with changing mat: For changes anywhere.
  • Mirror for rear-facing seats: Keep an eye on baby while driving.
  • Insulated bottle carrier: For feeding on the go.
  • Portable crib or play pen: For travel or visits to grandparents.

Clothes & Accessories

Soft, comfortable, and versatile clothing will keep your baby cozy from day one.

  • Onesies and sleepers: Everyone needs the basics.
  • Caps: To keep little heads warm.
  • Daywear: Stylish yet functional outfits.
  • Sleepwear: For snug nights. No need for mittens or booties – our convertible PJs have foldover options so you get mittens, booties, and PJs all in one!
  • Seasonal outerwear: For protection against the elements.

Bath Time and Grooming

Bath time can be a splash with the right setup. Soft towels, gentle washes, and a safe tub make all the difference.

  • Hooded towels and washcloths: Extra soft for baby’s bath time.
  • Baby bathtub: With newborn support.
  • Bath products: Gentle, tear-free shampoo and body wash.
  • Baby lotion: To keep skin moisturized.
  • Bath toys: For fun and development.
  • Skid-proof bath mat: Safety first during splash time.

Entertainment and Development

Encouraging play and development from day one is a great way to bond and build those baby brains.

  • Activity gym or playmat: For tummy time and sensory exploration.
  • Soft books and toys: For early learning and bonding.
  • Teething toys: Safe and soothing for sore gums.
  • Musical toys: To engage and entertain.
  • Mirror toys: For self-discovery and play.
  • Stacking and sorting toys: For early problem-solving skills.
  • Soft, cuddly loveys: For comfort and security.
  • Rattles and hand-held toys: For auditory and tactile development.

Miscellaneous Must-Haves

And for everything else that makes life with a baby a tad easier, don’t forget:

  • Pacifiers: Different shapes to find what baby prefers.
  • Humidifier: For maintaining a comfortable nursery environment.
  • Baby journal or app: To track feeding, sleeping, and diaper changes.
  • Storage Solutions: For organizing baby clothes, toys, and other essentials.

Complete Your Baby Registry with gunamuna Essentials

Phew, you made it to the end! Remember, this journey is all about finding what works best for you and your baby. With gunamuna’s collection of thoughtfully designed essentials, from the coziest sleepwear to practical daywear and everything in between, you’re all set for the adventure ahead. Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of parenthood – let's make it as comfy and easy as possible.

Explore gunamuna’s full collection and tick those must-have items off your list and onto your baby registry with ease and confidence.