Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello, günamüna friends!

I would like to use my special platform today to tell my mom Happy Mother’s Day. She’s my biggest cheerleader and reads our günamüna blog each week. Usually she reads our posts before they go live so she can give me feedback, but not this week. 

Mom, get the tissues ready! 

First, a little bit about my mom. Her trademark look is a skort, bright pink lipstick, and a t-shirt that expresses her love for chickens. She has 18 pet chickens, three dogs, and is basically a modern day Snow White. Birds, chipmunks, and other woodland creatures follow her wherever she goes. If you get caught in a traffic jam because a woman is helping a turtle get across the road, that woman is my mom. 

She has a great sense of humor, is easy to talk to, and makes a mean cup of coffee. I can be in a different city and she still knows when something is bothering me. 

She is the mother of five children. FIVE. I am and will forever be in complete awe of her abilities and endless capacity for love. 

Dear Mom,

Thank you for filling my childhood days with gardening, taking care of animals, and reading. 

Thank you for cooking me countless grilled cheese sandwiches with extra pickles. 

Thank you for leaving a sleeping bag at the end of your bed for an entire summer after I watched that scary movie. 

Thank you for putting the “tooth fairy” coins in a little circle just to amplify the magical experience.

Thank you for making me a homemade birthday sign every year for me to see as soon as I woke up.

Thank you for watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with me one hundred times. 

Thank you for teaching me how to two-step in the kitchen while listening to The Statler Brothers.

Thank you for hanging our bed sheets on the clothes line so they smelled like sunshine and a “little slice of heaven.”

Thank you for sharing your passion for nature and animals with your granddaughters. 

Thank you for understanding my need to be home with my babies better than anyone else could.

Thank you for making motherhood look fun. You showed me how to love being a mom. 

I love you in the morning and in the afternoon; I love you in the evening and underneath the moon.

Love, Em

To all the moms: 

I hope my note to my own mom is a reminder of YOUR endless capacity for love. When your children grow up, they will remember the big and little things you do for them. They will remember the fort you helped them build in your backyard. They will remember that you surprised them with waffles and candles for breakfast on their birthday. They will remember singing Wheels On The Bus over and over on car rides. They may not remember details from their earliest years, but they will remember feeling safe in your arms. The many things you do for your children every day is a reflection of your unconditional love, and they will always remember that. You are your child’s hero, just like my mom is mine. 

Happy Mother’s Day!