Meet Emily: Mom and Writer

two children in matching gunamuna star printed convertible pajamas on their mother's lap

Hello, günamüna community!

I’m Emily, a new member of the günamüna team, and we are here to offer you support on your motherhood journey. 

I have a two year old daughter, a two month old baby girl, and my three-year-old nephew joins our party five days a week. Being deep in the trenches of motherhood, I know all about endless dirty diapers, breastfeeding around the clock, baby snuggles, toddler shenanigans, and blissful, quiet moments when everyone is asleep … as well as those times that I’m ready to drop in my tracks but the little ones aren’t interested in a nap. 

I have learned that motherhood is never about perfection; it’s about showing up, day after day, making mistakes, learning on the fly, and showing my children how much I love them. Most of all, I have learned that I am still learning. I learn from the inspiring mothers around me and trial and error, but my best teachers wear diapers and call me mama. 

My hope is that the günamüna blog will be a place of encouragement, guidance, and inspiration to help you and your babies get quality sleep and experience all the joys of childhood and parenthood. 


Emily & the günamüna team