baby summer pajamas

Designed for the littlest dreamers, our baby summer PJs collection promises serene nights, blending the natural coolness of bamboo with innovative, sleep-friendly features.

breeze into summer nights

Summer is all about easy living and even easier sleeping, especially for our tiny tots. That's where gunamuna's convertible bamboo viscose PJs come into play. 

Engineered for comfort and adaptability, they're the perfect nighttime companion for your baby.

why choose gunamuna's baby summer pajamas?

  • Convertible Footies: Designed with versatility in mind, our PJs feature optional footies that can be flipped open to let little toes breathe on those warmer nights or closed to keep feet cozy.

  • Breathable Bamboo Fabric: Embrace the cooling touch of bamboo viscose. Its natural breathability ensures your baby stays comfortable, not clammy, as they slumber through summer nights.

  • Easy Diaper Changes: Thanks to our beloved DiAPER-ZiP® feature, nighttime changes are swift and simple – because nothing should interrupt those precious zzz's.

frequently asked questions

Convertible footies offer the best of both worlds: warmth when the AC is humming and cool relief when summer's heat peeks into the night. They give you the flexibility to adjust your baby's outfit to the temperature, ensuring comfort all night long.

Bamboo fabric is a wonder of nature. It's naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, drawing sweat away from your baby's skin to keep them dry and comfortable. Plus, its thermoregulating properties ensure your little one stays cool during hot nights and warm when the temperature dips.

Our DiAPER-ZiP® design is a game-changer for sleepy parents and babies alike. Quick and easy access means you can change diapers with minimal fuss, keeping nighttime disruptions to a minimum and ensuring everyone gets back to sleep faster.