organic sleep bags

gunamuna‘s organic sleep bags offer a sanctuary of comfort, designed to meet the unique needs of every unique little one. We’ve meticulously crafted each sleep bag with organic bamboo viscose, ensuring your baby's sleepwear is as gentle on the environment as it is on their skin.

naturally organic fabric

Bamboo is a naturally organic powerhouse. This incredibly sustainable plant grows rapidly, thriving without the need for pesticides, fertilizers, or much water. 

Its organic nature extends into the fabric made from it, ensuring that our bamboo viscose sleep bags are not only soft and comfortable but also eco-friendly and safe for your baby's skin. Choosing bamboo means embracing a fabric that supports your baby's health and the planet's well-being.

why choose gunamuna's organic sleep bags?

  • Varied TOGs for All Seasons: Whether it’s the warmth of summer or the chill of winter, our range of TOGs ensures your baby is just the right temperature.

  • Sleeveless & Long Sleeve Options: Adapt to the changing seasons or your baby’s comfort preference with versatile sleeve options.

  • Swaddle and Transitional Swaddle Bags: For newborns craving a snug embrace, these options mimic the womb's coziness and help your little transition to traditional sleep bags.

  • Walker Sleep Bags: For the little explorers, these bags offer the freedom to move without compromising on comfort or safety.

frequently asked questions

Our dedication to sustainability means choosing materials that are both eco-friendly and baby-safe. Our organic bamboo viscose is grown without harmful chemicals, ensuring a natural, breathable fabric that's kind to your baby's skin and the planet.

Choosing the right TOG for your baby’s sleep bag involves considering the nursery's temperature. A lower TOG is perfect for warmer nurseries, ensuring your baby stays cool and comfortable. For colder nights, a higher TOG offers the warmth your baby needs to sleep soundly. Always ensure the nursery temperature guides your choice to maintain optimal comfort for your little one.

The right style of sleep bag for your baby depends on their development stage and personal needs. Sleeveless options provide freedom of movement and are great for warmer environments, while long-sleeve styles offer extra coziness during cooler nights. For newborns who crave a snug feel, swaddle or transitional swaddle bags mimic the womb's security. As your baby grows and becomes more mobile, walker sleep bags allow for safe exploration without compromising on comfort.