unweighted sleep bags

When it comes to tucking in our little ones at night, the comfort and safety of our babies take center stage. gunamuna's unweighted sleep bags offer a safe, snuggle-worthy alternative to weighted sleep bags.

why say no to weighted sleep bags?

The buzz around weighted sleep bags might catch your attention, but when it comes to your baby's safety, it's a hard pass. 

Weighted sleep bags, designed with extra weight to mimic a gentle pressure, raise safety concerns. The American Academy of Pediatrics stands firm against the use of any weighted sleep products for babies.

unweighted, uncomplicated comfort

At gunamuna, our sleep bags are filled with plush, hypoallergenic microfiber. This not only ensures breathability but provides a weighted feel without weighted components and helps soothe baby to sleep.

why choose gunamuna’s unweighted sleep bags?

  • Unweighted, Breathable Comfort: Our sleep bags are made with luxurious, OEKO-TEXⓇ Standard 100 Certified bamboo viscose, ensuring they're kind to your baby's skin and help regulate temperature.

  • Smart Design: The hallmark of our collection is the WONDERZiPⓇ system, a 4-way zipper that makes diaper changes a breeze while keeping your baby snug and covered.

  • Adaptable Warmth: Choose from a variety of TOGs to match any nursery temp, ensuring your baby is always comfy & cozy.

  • Safe Swaddling: For newborns, our gunamuna swaddles create a cozy, womb-like feeling with the safety of arms-in or arms-out options, supporting an easier transition as your baby grows.

frequently asked questions

Weighted sleep bags and swaddles may pose several risks to babies, including restricted movement, increased chance of overheating, and potential suffocation hazards. The added weight can also make it difficult for babies to adjust their position, potentially leading to unsafe sleeping scenarios. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against the use of any weighted products for infants to ensure the safest sleep environment possible.

Our commitment to safety is unwavering. Our products are rigorously tested by Leading JPMA Certified Labs, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultants Approved + Used, and First Candle Safe Sleep Award winners. By choosing unweighted designs and adhering to OEKO-TEXⓇ Standard 100 certification, we ensure a safe, breathable, and comfortable sleep for your baby.

Gunamuna sleep bags offer soothing comfort through thoughtful design and the use of premium materials, without relying on added weight. Our sleep bags are crafted with luxurious bamboo viscose and microfiber fill, known for its ultra-soft texture and breathability. This material provides a gentle touch that mimics a calming hug, promoting a sense of security and well-being that can soothe babies into a deeper sleep.