Are Sleep Gowns Safe for Newborns?

Are Sleep Gowns Safe for Newborns?

As parents, we all want our little ones to snooze in style while keeping them snug and safe – but with so many sleepwear options, it can be tricky to figure out what your newborn should be wearing during bedtime. 

Tons of parents dress their littles in baby sleep gowns, but are these cozy creations a safe option for your newborn?

What Exactly Are Sleep Gowns?

Sleep gowns are roomy, one-piece garments created for little ones to snooze in. Gowns keep your baby covered & cuddled during nighttime and naptime, and they’re perfect for layering when they need a little extra warmth.

Types of Sleep Gowns for Babies

Not all sleep gowns are created equal – there are a few different gown designs to consider for your little one.

Traditional Elastic Bottom Gowns

These gowns are long, loose-fitting garments with an open, gathered elastic bottom. They’re the go-to choice for many parents since the design is common, but keep in mind the open-bottom offers your little one a little less coverage & warmth.

The opening in elastic gowns means the garment is less insulated, and they often ride up and expose wiggly baby’s legs. Since’s newborns’ systems aren’t fully developed, they can’t regulate their own body temperature – and an open-bottom gown alone may not offer the warmth your little one needs to stay cozy.

Knotted Gowns

Knotted baby gowns are long gowns with an adjustable knot at the bottom. These gowns may be perfect for snapping a super cute Instagram moment, but when it comes to nighttime diaper changes…they can be a bit of a hassle.

While knotted gowns offer an adjustable fit and an on-trend design, they’re not the most parent-friendly option when it comes to undressing for changes. Untying (and re-tying) knots half asleep? We’ll pass!

Zipper Gowns

With gunamuna’s unique zippered gowns, late-night changes are so easy you can do them with your eyes closed. Our sleep gowns feature a bottom zipper for diaper access while keeping baby comfy and covered all night long. 

We took the zipper gown and elevated the design with a longer fit that keeps baby’s feet tucked, uber-comfy bamboo rayon fabric, and our exclusive, easy-access DIAPER-ZiP for the coziest sleeps & simplest changes – day or night.

Are Sleep Gowns Safe for Newborns?

Yep – gowns are generally considered safe for newborns to wear to sleep, as long they keep baby at a comfortable temperature and don’t have enough excess fabric to pose a suffocation risk. As with any product for your little one, it’s always best to check with the manufacturer to ensure they meet safety and testing standards. 

Searching for a safe sleep gown that’ll keep your LO snug & secure all night long? Gunamuna sleep gowns undergo rigorous testing by an accredited JPMA lab, surpassing both American and Canadian safety standards, so you and your little one can rest assured. 

Sleep Gowns vs. Sleep Bags

When it comes to ensuring your baby has a safe and comfortable night's sleep, choosing the right sleepwear is crucial. Sleep sacks and sleep gowns are popular choices among parents, but they serve slightly different purposes and offer unique benefits.

Sleep bags, essentially wearable blankets, are designed to keep babies warm without the risk of loose bedding. They usually come with armholes and a zippered enclosure, providing a more secure fit. gunamuna’s sleep bags offer many TOG weight and sleep options, and are always equipped with DIAPER-ZiP for fuss-free changes.

Sleep gowns, on the other hand, are usually roomier and more lightweight than sleep bags. They're typically made of soft, stretchy fabric, and many have an open elastic bottom for easy diaper access. Unlike open-bottom sleep gowns, gunamuna’s sleep gown is equipped with the same easy-access DIAPER-ZiP as our sleep bags – keeping changes easy-peasy without having to worry about the gown letting cool air in or riding up and exposing baby’s legs. 

Both options prioritize baby's comfort and safety, with the choice often coming down to personal preference and the specific needs of the baby. Sleep bags might be favored for their snugness and security, especially in cooler environments, whereas sleep gowns shine for babies who prefer a looser fit.

How to Use a Zippered Sleep Gown

Dressing your newborn in a zippered sleep gown brings together safety, simplicity, and comfort in one snug package. Here’s a quick guide to make bedtime smoother:

  1. Dressing Your Baby: Slip your little one into the gown, feeling the cozy embrace of our soft, stretchy bamboo fabric. It’s designed to fit even the squirmiest of sleepers comfortably.
  2. Securing the Fit: Zip it up from the bottom to keep baby’s legs and toes comfy. Unzip for quick, easy diaper changes that don’t disturb your baby's sleep. Our unique DIAPER-ZiP design means less fuss during those late-night wake-ups.
  3. Temperature Regulation: Whether it’s a cool or warm night, our temperature-regulating bamboo viscose fabric helps keep your baby perfectly snug. The roomy design is spacious yet secure, promoting a safe, comfy sleep environment.
  4. Keeping Check: Ensure the gown remains zipped and your baby is comfy throughout their sleep. The fit should allow for easy movement, letting your baby sleep peacefully.

At gunamuna, we understand the importance of your baby’s sleep. Our zippered sleep gown is crafted to make those nighttime changes as effortless as possible, ensuring your baby stays cozy and content all night long.