Why Use a Sleep Bag for Your Baby?

Why Use a Sleep Bag for Your Baby?

What is the Point of a Sleep Bag?

Sleep bags are wearable blankets that offer a safe and cozy sleeping environment for infants and toddlers. Designed with openings for the arms and neck, they keep babies warm and comfortable while minimizing the risk of suffocation and SIDS that is associated with loose blankets. Sleep bags are not only safer, but they promote better sleep for babies, which means more sleep for you too.

What Does a Sleep Bag Do To Help Baby Sleep?

At their core, sleep bags are meant to keep baby safe and warm while they snooze. At gunamuna, we’ve perfected the sleep bag with the comfiest design & easiest-access diaper change zipper. Our sleep bags mimic a comforting hug and envelope baby in a calming embrace that lulls them into a deeper, comfort-induced sleep. 

But that’s not all. Our sleep bags have been thoughtfully designed with a range of features to help baby get the best sleep possible. For instance, our sleep bags mimic a calming hug from shoulder to toe, which research has shown soothes babies into a deeper sleep cycle and increases serotonin levels while decreasing anxiety.

Our multiple TOG ratings mean parents can choose the optimal warmth level to match baby’s room temperature, and our wider and longer fit gives baby room to kick and fold their little legs and to sleep in their natural frog position.

The fabric we use for our sleep bags is an ultra-soft bamboo fabric viscose, which has a luxurious cloud-like feel. It’s also Certified OEKO-TEK Standard 100–which means that it’s free from harmful chemicals and irritants, so it’s sure to be gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Plus, our hypoallergenic microfiber filling also insulates just like luxury down.

Finally, our one-of-a-kind WONDERZIP feature ensures that baby stays covered even during diaper changes, allowing for quick and seamless transitions back to sleep for baby–and parent too!

Remember when you didn’t have kids? You can sleep like that again. We’ve got you covered with the coziest sleep bags (so comfy, you’ll want one too.)