Can a Newborn Sleep in Just Footie Pajamas?

Can a Newborn Sleep in Just Footie Pajamas?

New parents often ponder over the perfect bedtime ensemble for their newborn. So, when it comes to the age-old question – can your bundle of joy drift off in just footie pajamas? The short answer is yes if the temp calls for it, but let’s get cozy with the details, shall we?

TOG - The Sleepwear Superhero

The key to a blissful night for your newborn isn’t just about adorable footies; it’s about TOG, or Thermal Overall Grade. It’s a rating that tells you how insulating the sleepwear is, making it the ultimate decider in whether you’ve got a piece of standalone sleep gear or need a bit of backup – and it’s based on your baby’s nursery temperature, not the temp outside.

Here’s How to TOG Right

Our bamboo footie pajamas are carefully constructed to pair with our sleep bags – but you’ll need to understand TOG to choose the right sleep sack to layer them with.

Cooler Climates: If your thermostat is hanging out in the lower numbers, you’ll want to move to a higher TOG sleep bag (and maybe consider long sleeves). Add those footie PJs into the mix, and you’re golden.

Warmer Weather: For balmy nights (especially if your baby naturally runs hot), your little one can wear their footie PJs solo to stay cool + comfy – or opt for a lighter 0.5 TOG sleep bag with no PJ layer! The choice is yours.

Remember, learning how to dress your baby for sleep using the right TOG & layering combo is the key to easy-breezy nights.

Size Matters, Too

Remember, snug as a bug is what you’re aiming for – not tight, but just right. A proper fit means no excess fabric bunching up, reducing any potential safety hazards for your newborn.

Easy, Breezy, Bamboo

Explore gunamuna’s breathable bamboo footie pajamas that promise a safe, sound, and snug sleep for your newborn – and serve as the perfect layer under our sleep bags on those chillier nights.

In a nutshell, footie pajamas can indeed be the solo star of your newborn's sleep show, provided the TOG of their sleepwear combo is in tune with the room temperature.