Do Babies Wear Anything Under Sleep Gowns?

Do Babies Wear Anything Under Sleep Gowns?

Wondering what goes under a sleep gown for your little one? The short answer is, it depends—mainly on room temperature and the gown's fabric.

Room Temperature: The Cozy Factor

If your nursery feels like a winter wonderland, a onesie underneath the gown can offer an extra layer of warmth. But if the room is comfortably warm, a diaper usually does the trick. During colder months, a onesie could be a smart layer, since they're often a go-to item in baby’s winter layering wardrobes.

Fabric Considerations: Keep it Breathable

The material of the sleep gown matters, too. If it's a gown made of breathable bamboo viscose, you might not need any extra layers at all. Bamboo is great for temperature regulation, wicking away moisture while allowing good air circulation.

Safety First: But Keep it Comfy

Don't forget that safety comes first. Avoid too many layers to prevent overheating, and make sure anything worn under the gown fits snugly.

Ultimately, it's up to you. You're the expert when it comes to your baby's comfort. And with the right room conditions and a breathable sleep gown, your little one should sleep like, well, a baby!