When Can My Baby Sleep With a Lovey?

When Can My Baby Sleep With a Lovey?

Navigating the delightful maze of parenthood, one can't help but wonder: when's the right time for baby to snuggle up with a lovey during bedtime? The answer: once they hit the 12-month mark, as advised by the CPSC. But let's dive deeper into this cozy conundrum.

The Lovey Lowdown

Loveys aren't just cute; they can be an emotional anchor for little ones. For babies under 12 months, these plush companions are perfect for play and comfort during awake times. It's just that for the safety-first snoozes, it's recommended to hold off on the crib cuddles until after their first birthday.

Before The One-Year Mark

Though it's wise to wait before letting the lovey stay for sleepovers in the crib, that doesn’t mean your younger baby can't benefit from its comfort during the day! Play sessions, cuddle times, or just familiarizing baby with the lovey can set the stage for a future full of sweet dreams together.

Sweet Sleep Solutions

While the countdown to lovey sleep time continues, keeping your little star cozy during bedtime is still top priority. gunamuna's sleep bags to the rescue! With the unique WONDERZiP feature, middle-of-the-night diaper changes are no longer a Herculean task, and down alternative fill wrapped in silky soft bamboo rayon keeps your little nugget feeling comfy + secure all night long.

In conclusion, loveys are more than just cute—they're a bundle of comfort and familiarity for your baby. While the crib cuddles should be a post-12-month affair, the bond can start blooming from day one. Here’s to many heartwarming cuddles ahead, both with loveys and fabulous bamboo sleepwear from gunamuna!