What Age Can You Use Transitional Swaddles?

What Age Can You Use Transitional Swaddles?

Has your little outgrown their traditional swaddle? That’s your cue; it's transitional swaddle time. Typically, this swaddle swap starts to make an appearance around the 3-month mark. It’s when babies are not quite ready to part with that snug-as-a-hug feeling they get from their swaddle, but are showing signs they want a little more freedom.

The Swaddle Shuffle

Think of gunamuna’s transitional swaddle as the sleep-time cocoon that caters to this in-between of the snugness of the swaddle and the newfound freedom of a sleep bag. It’s for those little ones who have outgrown their newborn swaddle, but still need some support to control startle reflex.

Our transitional swaddle is crafted for these in-betweeners – not just in age, but in their sleep journey. With a soothing torso fit that helps control Moro reflex, it’s the perfect balance between the familiar snug swaddle and the more spacious horizon of a sleep bag. It’s all about making the transition as smooth as a lullaby, with a wider bottom that lets those tiny legs adopt their favorite froggy position.

A Zip, a Tuck, and a Cozy Night

And let’s not forget the genius at play here – the WONDERZiP®. It's practically a lifesaver for those midnight diaper expeditions, keeping baby covered and snug while you do the dirty work. Plus, those ¾ sleeves? They’re the cherry on top for the extra cozy factor.

When to Wrap and When to Transition

If you're playing the guessing game of when to transition, keep a keen eye on your baby’s cues. Are they fussing with their swaddle? Do they seem uncomfortable? If so, it's time to bring in the transitional big guns. The transitional swaddle will be their cozy coach, guiding them gently to independence.