What Should Baby Wear to Sleep at 70 Degrees?

What Should Baby Wear to Sleep at 70 Degrees?

Selecting the right attire for your baby's slumber at 70°F is all about choosing the right level of coziness for a peaceful night's rest. At this comfy climate, what your baby should wear to bed is a matter of layering and TOG values—a measure of thermal insulation.

TOG Talk and Layering Logic

  • Choose 1.0 TOG: A 1.0 TOG sleep bag is Ideal for the 70-degree range. It's like a lightweight sweater for your baby's sleep—a perfect balance of warmth.
  • Layer Like a Pro: Combine a lightweight PJ or onesie with a 1.0 TOG sleep sack for the perfect sleep ensemble. Think of it as the baby equivalent of wearing a comfortable T-shirt under a cozy blanket.

Gunamuna's Perfect Pairings

At gunamuna, we craft pajamas and sleep bags designed to pair perfectly. They're like the peanut butter and jelly of bedtime wear—better together.

  • Balanced Comfort: A gunamuna 1.0 TOG sleep bag paired with our breathable pajamas ensures your baby stays at a serene temperature through the night.
  • TOG to Fit the Temp: We have a range of TOG values to suit every room temperature. At 70 degrees, our 1.0 TOG sleep bag is a snug haven for dreaming. Learn more with our TOG chart and guide to dressing baby for sleep.

With gunamuna, dressing your baby for a 70-degree slumber is a breeze. Our sleepwear is tailored for comfort, designed for convenience, and optimized for those sweet dreamy sighs. Let gunamuna wrap your baby in a cocoon of just-right warmth, ensuring nighttimes are as restful as a lullaby.