What Should Baby Wear to Sleep at 78 Degrees?

What Should Baby Wear to Sleep at 78 Degrees?

When the thermometer hits a toasty 78°F, it’s all about dressing your little bundle in the right attire for bedtime comfort. You want your baby to be as cool as a cucumber, without sacrificing that secure feeling they love.

Light Layers for Warm Nights

  • 0.5 TOG: Ideal for balmy 78-degree nursery temps, a 0.5 TOG sleep bag is the equivalent of a light summer breeze over a single layer.
  • Just the Basics: For 78 degrees or more, just a diaper will suffice under the sleep bag! Or, you can opt for just some breathable PJs instead of the sleep bag altogether.

gunamuna's Cool Comforts

Choosing gunamuna’s light and airy sleep solutions means opting for tranquil nights, where your baby is dressed for slumber success, even when the night is warm. It’s like finding the shady side of the pillow, but for your baby’s entire sleep experience. Because at 78 degrees, less is often more—more comfort, more rest, more sweet dreams.