When Should I Take Baby’s Arms Out of the Swaddle?

When Should I Take Baby’s Arms Out of the Swaddle?

Your little one loves their swaddle, but when should those precious little arms make their grand debut? We get it, finding the perfect timing for taking baby's arms out of the swaddle can be difficult and depends entirely on their development. 

Some wiggly babies prefer to have freedom of movement from day one. For them, swaddling with arms out is the way to go right from the start! On the other hand, babies with a strong startle reflex might sleep more soundly with their arms safely tucked in and will transition to arms out later on.

How Do I Know When to Take Baby’s Arms Out of Their Swaddle?

But when is the right time to make the transition? Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. 

According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), it's time to consider swaddling with arms out when your baby starts showing signs of attempting to roll, usually between 2-4 months of age. Rolling is a significant milestone that signals your little one's growing mobility and need for a little more freedom.

How Do I Swaddle Baby With Their Arms Out?

The gunamuna swaddle is designed to swaddle baby arms in or arms out, allowing for a seamless transition once your little one begins to roll. Here’s how to swaddle arms out with our swaddle wrap:

  1. Put baby in the unzipped swaddle.
  2. Put baby on the swaddle, keeping their underarms at the edge of the top of the optional belly band. 
  3. Wrap and secure the belly band with baby’s arms up.
  4. Zip the swaddle up.
  5. Sweet dreams!

Whichever way you wrap your little one, our swaddle keeps baby feeling secure and comfortable all night long. Hypoallergenic microfiber filling mimics the feel and insulating ability of luxury down, and a genius 4-way zipper keeps baby covered & cuddled during the easiest diaper changes – plus our built-in belly band helps control your little one’s startle reflex. 

Whether you choose the traditional swaddle method or opt for the convenience of the gunamuna swaddle wrap, rest assured that we've got you covered (literally!). Swaddling isn’t always easy, but with the right approach and the right swaddle solution, you'll find your rhythm and help your baby sleep soundly. 

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