Why Do Babies Break Out of Swaddles?

Why Do Babies Break Out of Swaddles?

Swaddling may seem like a magical solution to get your nugget to sleep… until it isn’t. If your newborn is already breaking out of their swaddle but you’re not quite ready to give it up, don’t worry – we've got some tricks up our sleeves to keep your precious bundle tucked in.

4 Reasons Your Baby Tries to Break Out of Swaddles

Swaddle breakouts can lead to sleep disruptions for both you and your baby, and let's face it, a loose swaddle is no safe sleep haven (not to mention it’s also a safe sleep hazard). There could be a few reasons why your little escape artist is breaking out of their cocoon:

  • Baby’s Startle Reflex: That startle reflex is a powerful force! It can give your baby enough oomph to break loose from the swaddle.
  • Not-So-Perfect Fit: Even the tiniest wiggle room can be an invitation for your little Houdini to perform their magic act. Traditional swaddle blankets are notorious for these unexpected breakouts.
  • Too Tight Swaddle: Tight swaddles may restrict your baby's leg movement, making them more eager to bust free and stretch those little legs.
  • Ready for Arms Out: Your baby might be ready to ditch the arm embrace and sleep with their arms out.

How to Stop Baby From Breaking Out of Their Swaddle

If you’ve got an escape artist on your hands, you’ll need to find a swaddle option that’s designed to keep them snug, secure, and sleeping all night long

Our swaddle wrap offers a built-in belly band that helps control the startle reflex, and our expertly-designed construction means an effortlessly proper fit every time and no more houdini breakouts. The extra wide bottom allows your little one to comfortably fold their legs in the natural frog position, promoting healthy hip development and keeping baby comfy. And thanks to the ability to swaddle baby arms in or arms out, the swaddle grows with your little one and lasts you the long haul. 

Your swaddle days don’t have to be over just because your little one is breaking out. Soothe baby into a deeper sleep with our swaddle wrap and let the sleep magic continue!