International Women's Day at gunamuna

mother kissing her newborn baby

In honor of National Women's Day, we thought it would be fun to share a bit about our story...

We are a women-owned and operated, moms-come-first company - and everything we make at gunamuna is inspired by our lives as moms: the good, the bad, & the messy. There are 8 guna-babies between us, so we have covered a lot of ground (and changed a lot of diapers).

We are a small (but mighty!) team, all at various stages of motherhood: from first time grandmother to fourth trimester mama. We come from different educational backgrounds and career paths, drawing on our collective strengths to operate this business and lean into each other whenever possible, beyond our "jobs" and wayyyy deep into our personal lives.

Our team meetings (via Zoom these days) usually consistent of long to-do lists, divide-and-conquer attitudes, lots of coffee, and at least two kids at any given moment. There is never judgement or criticism when the background music is a toddler meltdown, or fear when offering feedback on a new color or print. We are open, honest, and have each other's backs - as professionals, as moms, as women.

So on this National Women's Day, we encourage you to look around you: thank the women in your life who stand by your side day in and day out. It may mean calling your mom, giving a virtual high five to a coworker or mentor, sending a note to an old boss or mentor, or actually reaching out to that friend you've been meaning to call. In our current world, the way we support each other as women looks like a lot different than it has in years past, but it's certainly needed more than ever.